V-Shaped Face

V-Shaped Face Trend

The V-Shaped face, an eternal hallmark of beauty and refined appearance much coveted by many, has always been associated with the gold standard of what an “aesthetic face” should be.

Especially popular and even much sought after in countries like Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, the V-Shaped face seemingly has that magical power of making a woman look pretty, delicate, feminine, and even youthful.

However, nature has not always been that generous in endowing women with such a face. Instead, many silently accept such features as squarish face, prominent cheek bones, strong jaw line, blunted chin or excessive cheek fat. The good news is, all these could be easily corrected with today’s aesthetic procedural advancement. Now, you can literally look forward to upgrading to a new face. One that has a sharper chin flanked by gentler, slimmer jaw angle and line. And top that off with a nicely shaped projected nose too.

Types of Non-Invasive Treatment

Say bye to surgery! At IMEDICAL & IAESTHETICS, we employ painless, non-invasive procedures such as botox injection, dermal fillers and ultratherapy to help make your face perfect again, each a “lunchtime procedure” that offers low downtime and fast recovery with minimal discomfort.


Nose bridge and nose tip protrude at an ideal angle & distance, creating a harmonious 3D profile and adding contours to the face

HIKO Nose Enhancement:
Revolutionary nose threads treatment from Korea. Straightenss & enhances. No Surgery. Low Downtime.


For a soft & pleasing image

Jaw Slimming (B*TOX):
Injectibles to slim jaw angle & correct square jaws. Non-surgical. Visible Results.


Slender chin of ideal length & protrusion. Creates a soft & youthful appearance.

Chin Fillers:
Adds volume & length to the chin. Corrects weak chins. No Surgery. Low Downtime. “Lunchtime” Procedure.

Sharp Jaw Line

Smooth & slender jawline that frames the face

Ultrasound technology for lifting & firming without surgery

Botox Injection

An unattractive jawline is one that is too broad and angular, a result of having large facial muscle masses that clump around the jaw. Botox injection works by relaxing these muscles, noticeably shrinking and softening them, giving your face a slimmer and more V-tapered look. Usually done in under 10 minutes, this non-surgical procedure is your ticket to a more enhanced and attractive V-shaped facial profile, shaving years off your face for that natural youthful look.

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Dermal Fillers

Weak looking chin that lacks volume can easily be corrected by using dermal fillers, a fast and non-surgical procedure with low downtime that uses already naturally-occurring substances in our body such as hyaluronic acid or poly-lactic acid. Introduced into the chin via injection, these fillers result in an immediate voluminous boost to the chin, giving you a new slender chin of more pleasing length and shape for that soft, youthful appearance.


At last the ravages of time, gravity and sun damages on the face can be reversed. Utilising ultrasound energy, Ulthera is a totally painless process of lifting and firming without cutting. No toxins or needles required. Sagging or loose skin around the neck, under the chin and around the eyes can now be rejuvenated and transformed to give you that young again look of freshness and suppleness. An established, safe and effective treatment, Ulthera targets deep beneath the skin to help tighten up tissues, bringing out a new you with smoother and more slender jawline and eliminating previously unsightly facial and neck lines and wrinkles.

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