For the Smokers

16% of the Singapore population smokes. 

80% of smokers are hooked before they turn 21.

For the Smokers

Ahoy smoker, welcome onboard! Do you brave the sun and rain just for a puff of smoke? Smoking seems like part of your habit and has long since blended into your lifestyle. Been smoking for so long that you can’t seem to remember when you first started? 

It’s definitely not the first time having hear someone tell you how you should quit because smoking is harmful for you. Do you smoke up to 5 sticks a day and have been doing do for at least a year? This for you!

Take more control over your health with our Smokers Screening Package now!

Includes essential tests such as:

Cardiac Profile (Assessing your heart health as long-term smoking increases your risk of developing problems with your heart)
Clinical Ultrasound Screening with Visceral fats assessment(High visceral fats is more likely to raise your risk for serious medical issues such as Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure)
Low Dose CT lung (Highly recommended for those who have a history of heavy smoking, and/or smoke now or have quit within the past 15 years)
(OPTIONAL) CT Colonoscopy (Assessing your colon health)


Heavy Smokers (Smoke more than 5 sticks a day)

Long-term Smokers (Smoking for more than 3 years)


$699 (inclusive of consultation)

Optional CT Colonoscopy:



Prices quoted are subjected to GST

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