What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common type of skin pigmentation. It appears as dark brown, light brown, or grey-ish patches on the skin. Melasma usually appears on the forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, or chin.

What causes Melasma?

Sun exposure
Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the skin and cause melasma to form. Sun exposure can also cause melasma spots that have previously faded to reappear.​

Hormonal changes
Pregnant women often notice an increase in melasma on the skin. Melasma on pregnant women is also called ‘chloasma’. Similarly, hormone-containing medication (eg. birth control pills) can also result in melasma.​

Gender: Women, on average, are much more susceptible to melasma than men. ​

Cosmetics: Certain types of makeup, skincare, and perfume products are suspected to cause or worsen melasma.



Adequate sun protection is crucial in preventing and treating melasma. It is important to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays at all times.


Skincare products can help to lighten pigmentation and melasma. Our range of medical-grade, dermatologically-tested skincare products can help you out.

Pigmentation Laser

Lasers are able to lighten melasma safely & effectively. Want even, smooth, and bright skin? Try our Angel White Pigmentation Laser.