HIKO Nose Threads

Latest Nose Thread Lift From Korea. Non-Surgical. Low Downtime.

What Is HIKO Nose Threads?

Hailing from Korea, HIKO Nose Threads have become a popular “lunchtime procedure”. The term ‘HIKO’ literally means ‘to lift the nose’. This non-surgical treatment uses PDO (polydioxanone) threads to enhance the shape of nose or fix any crookedness.

Overtime, these threads will dissolve naturally. As they dissolve, the threads create new tissue collagen and fibroblasts, resulting in a tightening effect that further improves the nose contour.

Treatment Areas

Nose Bridge Enhancement
Creates a prominent and forward nose bridge

Nose Tip Enhancement
Brings the nose tip forward and and narrows the base of the nose

Nose Straightening
Corrects crooked noses to restore symmetry to the face

Key benefits:

✓ Non-Surgical
✓ Clinical-Grade
✓ Minimal Downtime

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Types of Nose Enhancement

Surgical Nose Enhancement

“Major Operation”
Invasive. Requires Anesthesia
Significant Pain
Longer Downtime, Slower Recovery

Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement
HIKO Nose Thread Lift, Fillers

“Lunchtime Procedure”
Minimal Discomfort
Low Downtime, Fast Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should consider taking HIV prevention drugs?

  • Males with different partners (male and females)
  • Males who frequently have sex with males
  • People who travel overseas and have sexual activities

How Long do the effects of HIKO Nose Threads last?

Individual results may vary. Usually, results last for 9-12 months.
Enhancements are possible after the initial treatment.

What are the advantages of HIKO Nose Thread Lifts?

Compared to alternative treatments such as rhinoplasty and nose fillers, HIKO Nose Enhancement is less-invasive, less risky, and has lower downtime.

HIKO Nose Thread Pricing

from $680
The number of threads and price depends on a patient’s current condition and desired results.

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