Health Screening Packages

Health screening for patients is always tricky – extensive screening in many cases has neither shown to be effective in picking up the disease nor ruling out disease that is being screened.

Therefore, we have curated various routine screening packages as part of our mission in public health efforts, to improve the overall health of every person and eliminate health disparities.

As we put every individual at the heart of what we do, we believe in only providing the necessary tests and treatments available, making healthcare affordable and personal.


by Drs Clarence Koh MBBS(Singapore) MRCP(UK),
Louis Loo MBBS(Singapore) Masters of Medicine Family Medicine (Singapore)

The decision for health screening is based on science and cost. For example, colonoscopy is the best screening technique for colorectal cancer. Yet when compared to other tests like testing the stool for blood, it is also the most expensive. With this, some people may opt for the cheaper option while those who are at higher risk will decide to pay for a far more accurate test.

At I.Medical, we exclude some “common” screening tests from our packages which we will discuss further in the introduction. We do offer the tests “ala carte” but we generally don’t see the need to offer patients such tests, unless there are specific indications.


Health screening for patients is always tricky – extensive screening in many cases has neither shown to be effective in picking up the disease nor ruling out disease that is being screened.

For example, the use of a resting ECG to pick up asymptomatic coronary heart disease has not been shown to be effective. Hence a well person with normal ECG is at no lower risk than another well person who has not done any ECG prior. The same issues also stand out for other tests such as tumour markers.

We do not offer resting ECG in our clinic as part of a routine screening package because there is no evidence that routine screening of resting ECGs is beneficial. This is acknowledged both by the USPTF as well as our own local Ministry of Health[1]. We can provide it and there is seldom much harm for patients who wish to have one. It costs $50 at the time of writing.

There are many tumour markers for different types of cancers. The commonly done ones are CEA, CA19.9, CA 125. We do not include these as part of our screenings because there is no evidence that screening for cancers in this manner are accurate. A negative result doesn’t mean that the probability of cancer is low. Our local professional body Academy of Medicine of Singapore recommends not using it for screening[2]. A rational use of such markers are for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer AND found to have concurrent high levels of such markers. These markers can then be used as one of the several parameters to follow up. Commonly many patients diagnosed with cancer will NOT have elevated tumour markers and there is no utility of these tests in those patients.

[1] cpg_ecg-for-screening-for-hypertension-patient.pdf (

Screening Packages

Health screening packages should be tailored according to your needs and requirements. Taking into consideration that every individual is different, we have curated screening packages as well as outpatient treatment programs to address your health concerns based on your community and lifestyle.


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