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“The Fotona StarWalker® laser and its revolutionary ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology represent a cosmic shift forward for the medical and aesthetic laser industry.”

Treats these types of Acne Scars: Rolling scars, Boxcar scars, Ice-pick scars, Skin pigmentation

Key Features:

• Especially Suitable for Asian Skin 
• Minimally-invasive Ensuring Patient Comfort
• Precise Treatments of Even Deep-lying Skin Pigments

• Medical-Grade, Safe with Low Downtime
• Affordable
• Combines the Power of a Pico Laser and The Energy of a Q-Switched Laser 

• Lightens & Brightens Skin
• Reduces the Appearance of Pores
• Excellent Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Read More About Dr Louis & The Treatment

MBBS (Singapore), MMED (Family Medicine), GDFP

Dr Loo completed his medical and postgraduate
training in family medicine with the National
University of Singapore. He also obtained his
graduate diploma in family practice (dermatology)
from the National Skin Centre.

Dr Loo constantly keeps himself updated with the
latest knowledge and trends within the medical
community by involving in professional training
and participating in various local and international
medical congresses such as IMCAS, CFA and ICAD.

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Traditionally, fractional CO2 has been the gold standard for scar resurfacing. However, in Asian skin, there is an increased risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation. In many difficult acne scars, the fractional CO2 laser also has its limitations in further scar improvement.

The Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser Resurfacing System can overcome these problems and provide further scar improvements despite plateau from previous traditional scar laser treatments. It also has lower risk of post-resurfacing hyperpigmentation.

Key Features

  1. Combines the power of a Pico Laser and the energy of a Q-Switched Laser
  2. Minimally-invasive, safe, low-downtime for scar removal
  3. Excellent patient comfort and satisfaction
  4. Precise, uniform treatments of even deep-lying skin pigments
  5. Reduced risk of unwanted side effects.

Advantages Of The

Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser System

Can treat a wider range of acne scar conditions (able to provide both deep and superficial skin resurfacing in one session)

Able to address multiple skin problems at the same time (acne scars, pores, photo and age related skin damage)
More suitable for Asian skin (traditional lasers may cause post-treatment hyperpigmentation)

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