Eye bags or puffy eyes 
Formed due to mild swelling or puffiness in the preorbital area of the eye.  Eye bags can make one look older, tired, and more haggard. ​

Eye Bags & Dark Circles
These two problems share many of the same underlying causes. Having serious eye bags can also cast shadows and cause dark circles.


Lack of Sleep
When we do not get enough sleep, our bodies are not able to remove excess fluids. Overtime, these fluids begin to build up in the tissues under our eyes, causing puffy and swollen eye bags.

Allergies cause the body to release histamines, chemicals that cause fluid build-up in the preorbital area. This makes the areas around the eyes and nose swell, resulting in eye bags.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and collagen. The muscles and tissues supporting our eyes also start to weaken. Our skin loses fat, leaving once-plump areas hollow. As a result, skin around our eye begins to sag, forming eye bags.

Smoking has been linked to cause accelerated aging. Premature aging may result in the formation of deeper eye bags.

Genetics & Medical Conditions
Certain medical conditions may cause eye bags. Genetics may also result in hereditary eye bags.

Determining the cause of dark circles allows for targeted treatment. Consult with our doctors.



Soft hyluaronic fillers are injected under the eyes to fill in any cervices or “dents”, creating a smooth, airbrushed look.


Advanced technology by an established brand makes use of ultrasound energy to lift and firm skin.

Fractional Lasers

The Fotona StarWalker Laser system combines multiple laser technologies to resurface the skin & improve pigmentation under the eyes.