Dark circles are blue/green/brown areas under the eyes. While dark circles do not pose any serious health threats, they may affect one’s self-image and cause unwanted judgement from others.

Dark circles can make one look:

  • Older
  • More Tired
  • More Haggard


Lack of Sleep
When we do not get enough sleep, our bodies are not able to remove excess fluids. Overtime, these fluids begin to build up in the tissues under the eyes, resulting in eye bags and dark circles.

Thin Skin
When the skin under the eye is thin, the underlying blood vessels become more visible and cause a blueish/greenish appearence. Individuals with thinner skin under their eyes are likely to have more prominent dark circles.

As we age, our skin loses fat and collagen. This makes the skin under the eyes even thinner, making blood vessels appear more obvious. In addition, the skin around the eyes can begin to sag with age, resulting in the formation of eye bags and dark circles.

Smoking has many side effects on health – it accelerates the aging process and damages the skin. causes thinner skin and more obvious dark circles. Premature aging may also result in the formation of deeper eye bags, which may cast shadows to form dark circles.

Pigmentation & Sun Exposure
Hyperpigmentation from sun exposure, aging, or genetics may cause dark circles.

Allergies cause the body to release chemicals called histamines, which cause fluid build-up. This makes the blood vessels around the eyes and nose swell, creating areas that are darker in colour.

Genetics & Medical Conditions
Certain people may be predisposed to having dark circles. Medical conditions may also contribute to the formation of dark circles.

Determining the cause of dark circles allows for targeted treatment. Consult with our doctors.