What are age spots?

Age spots are brown-ish spots of varying sizes that appear on the skin. They are generally found on areas that receive a lot of sun exposure.​

Age spots can also be called liver spots, sun spots or solar lentigo.

What causes age spots?

Sun exposure
Ultraviolet rays increase the melanin production in the skin, causing age spots. Usage of tanning beds can also exacerbate the formation of age spots. ​

Not surprisingly, age spots are caused by aging. They are very common in people above the age of 50. However, younger individuals as well as children can develop age spots as well.


Applying sunscreen helps to block UV rays and slow down the formation of age spots. Be mindful to chose a sunscreen with adequate SPF.

Specialized skincare is able to provide targeted treatment for pigmentation such as age spots. iAesthetics has a range of skin care products that are medical-grade and dermatologically-tested.

Pigmentation Laser
Our popular Angel White Pigmentation Laser treatment removes pigmentation, brightens, and lightens skin – a great option for age spot treatment.