We strive to provide safe, effective and personalized treatments to combat the effects of aging and enhance natural beauty

Angel White Laser Treatment

 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?  Try our signature Angel White Laser Treatment for radiant and healthy skin. With new, revolutionary technology, it is safer, more effective, and faster than ever before!

Each session takes around 30 minutes. It is a “lunchtime” procedure that has low downtime fast recovery – you can go straight back to school or work without disruptions



We strive to provide safe, effective and personalized treatments to combat the effects of aging and enhance natural beauty. We believe in non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments.

Your health and safety is our priority; all treatments at our aesthetics clinic are:

  • ​ Medical-Grade
  • Doctor-Directed
  • Non-Invasive
  • Low-Downtime ​

Full list of our medical aesthetics services are as given:

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Fillers are injectibles that can be used reduce facial lines, restore volume and fullness, reshape and enhance facial contours. Fillers are FDA-approved*; they are made of hyaluronic acid or poly-lactic acid, both of which are naturally-occurring substances in the body.

Why do people choose fillers?
Safe, Non-invasive, Low-Downtime.
The popularity of fillers has been growing exponentially in recent years.

In 2016, more than 3.6 million procedures using fillers were performed worldwide.

Statistics provided by the Intentional Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, retrieved from
Where are the common areas fillers being used at?

Cheek enhancement
Chin enchancement
Sunken Temples
Eye Bags
Tear Throughs
Lip Fillers
Jawline Enhancement

What is the cost of each filler treatment?

The prices for our fillers at iAesthetics are as follows:​

Elravie Balance Korea (Eye Area) – $300/unit

Elravie Volume Korea (Cheek,Chin,Temple,Nasobial Folds) – $600/unit

Belotero Hydro (Eye Area,Wrinkles) – $600/unit

Belotero Balance (Eye Area) – $700/unit

Belotero Intense (Cheek,Chin,Temple,Nasobial Folds) – $800/unit

Belotero Volume (Cheek,Chin,Temple,Nasobial Folds) – $800/unit

*The type of filler and number of units needed depends on one’s desired outcome(s) and current condition. Our doctors would be happy to discuss treatment options with you..