Aesthetics For Men

Non-Invasive, Low Downtime, Natural-Looking Results

Who is it for?

Aesthetics treatments aren’t just for the ladies! Men have a different set of beauty standards as compared to women. Although many of the same aesthetic procedures are performed on male and female patients, the consultation, treatment process, and desired outcomes are often different. ​ iAesthetics is helmed by a team of skilled male doctors who have many years of experience in the industry.

 Medical Grade

 Safe & Effective

 Proven Results

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Treatment Areas

Acne Scars

Fotona StarWalker Pico Q-Switch Resurfacing Laser

– Suitable for deep acne scars
– Safe & effective treatment
– Hi-tech laser deeply resurfaces skin
– Try it now at only $299

Defined Chin

Strong Jawline & Jaw Angle

– Filler for chin
– Filler to enhance jawline & jaw angle
– Ultherapy to tighten jawline & neck
– Dermal Lift
– Micro B*tox

Defined Nose

Strong Bridge & Frontal Projection
Helps to narrow face

HIKO nose threads to enhance nose bridge, nose tip, and straighten nose

Enhance Cheeks

Redefine Cheeks
For a masculine & Youthful Appearance

– B*tox for cheeks
– Fillers for cheeks
– Fillers for nasolabial folds

Acne & Blemishes

Clear, Flawless Complexion

– Fotona StarWalker Scar Laser
– Chemical Peels
– Acne Scar Subcision
– Skinboosters

Eye Rejuvenation

Youthful & Bright eyes

– B*tox crow’s feet, eye bags, frown lines
– Fillers for dark circles, sunken eyes
– Fillers for tears troughs

Medical-Grade Aesthetics For Men

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