Guide to Non-Invasive Injectibles in Singapore


Treats fine lines and wrinkles by causing controlled weakening of targeted muscles

Helps with jaw slimming via reducing large masseter muscles

Brands: B*tox, Dysport, Xeomin


Reshape facials contours

Restore volume and youthfulness to the face by plumping sunken areas

Brands: Belotero, Elravie, Juvederm, Restylane

Each brand of fillers usually encompasses a few different firmness types. Each type has different properties (gel consistency, gel hardness, gel viscosity, degree of water solubility, etc.) that makes it suitable for different areas of the face. For example, Belotero Volume is harder and longer-lasting, and is often used for chin enhancement.

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Also known as ‘水光针’, this treatment involves a series of micro-injections of very soft hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin. Skinboosters help to smoothen the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As their name suggests, they also help to hydrate the skin and create a natural, dewy, radiant glow.

Restylane Skinboosters are an established, FDA-approved brand of skinboosters.

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Rejuran PDRN

PDRN stands for Polydeoxyriboneucleotide. In the medical field, PDRN is a proprietary and registered drug that helps in tissue repairing, anti-ischemic, and anti-inflammatory. Consequently, in the medical aesthetics field, PDRN is highly raved for its effectiveness helping in skin healing and rejuvenation.

Rejuran is a Korean company known for is PDRN skincare line and injectibles. Rejuran PDRN macromolecules are specially formulated to be delivered directly into the inner skin layer to provide rejuvenating and anti-aging effects.

Rejuran PDRN (婴儿针) helps to:

– Improve skin elasticity

– Lessen appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

– Provide deep hydration (which gives skin that signature “Korean dewy glow”)

– Repair damaged skin

– Lighten acne scars and pigmentation

There are several different injectibles from Rejuran, including Rejuran Healer and Rejuran HB.

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