With Korea clinching the title of Mecca for cosmetic enhancements, it comes as no surprise that Korean doctors have developed some very unique procedures.

Smile Lift

One of the aesthetic market’s newest crazes, upturned mouth corners have become a coveted feature among Koreans. During a smile lift, saggy or droopy mouth corners are raised, creating mouths that show a hint of a smile, even when at rest. Patients who underwent this procedure said that they were perceived by their peers as more youthful and approachable. Smile lifts are especially popular with working women who want to make good first impressions.

Could this be the solution RBF?

Makeup tutorial showing aegyo sal-enhancing makeup.

Aegyo Sal (Eye Bags)

Instead of having eye bags removed, many Koreans have them enhanced! First popularized by Kpop idols, aegyo sal have become synonymous with beauty and youthfulness. They also make the eyes appear bigger, even more dramatically when paired with eye-enlarging makeup. Aegyo sal are becoming a beauty must-have in Korea, Japan, and China.

Through insertion of fillers, small pockets of skin are created below the eyes, forming the aegyo sal. The process is non-surgical, non-invasive and has minimal downtime. Thinking of giving it a go? Our doctors are experienced in using Korean-brand fillers for natural-looking aegyo sal.

HIKO Nose Threads

Many people shy away from traditional rhinoplasty due to the higher cost, longer downtime, and gory surgical procedure. Korean doctors have found a way to get the same straightening and contouring effect, without the downsides of rhinoplasty.

Hailing from Korea, HIKO Nose Enhancements have become a popular ‘lunchtime procedure’. The term ‘HIKO’ literally means ‘to lift the nose’.  During this procedure, PDO (polydixanone) threads are used to correct nose imperfections. After 1-2 years, these threads dissolve naturally. No surgery is required. Want to find out more?

Image (1) Source: Huffpost
Image (2) Source: Naver